My Three Friends: Laziness, Uncertainty, and Inspiration

I have three friends: laziness, uncertainty, and inspiration. How do we live by each other without getting in each other’s way. How do we live to benefit each other.

I am one who is determined and loves reaching the goals that I set for myself. I set a goal and break all the barriers that stand in my way to these said goals in order to reach it. But sometimes I am faced with what I would call apathy. Perhaps it’s laziness or exhaustion instead. It happens, most often, when I spend a lot of time fighting to get something. You get it, and exhale. Happiness, satisfaction, and then emptiness. I tell myself “good job!”, for even half a year ago, I could not have imagined that my articles will be published in well-known publications. Now, when I, and seemingly those around me too, finally began to believe in me, I got stuck. What is it? Laziness? Exhaustion? Apathy? How do I fight this? What do I do?

I read a fascinating book by Elizabeth Gilbert called “Big Magic: Creative Living Beyond Fear”, and understood that my three friends are practically alive. I need to somehow learn to live beside them. For example, Gilbert said this about inspiration: “I prefer to think that inspiration is always by my side, while I work, actively trying to help me. It’s just that, you see, inspiration is from another world and speaks a foreign language, thus we do not always understand each other. Still though, it sits by me and tries it’s best. Inspiration sends me messages via different mediums, through: dreams, destiny, amazing sparks of forces of attractions, goosebumps on my skin, hair that stands up on the back of my head, excitement about something new and unexpected, a persistent thought that doesn’t let me sleep the whole night… Something ought to work. Inspiration always tries it’s best to be my colleague. And so, I sit down and work as well. That is how our agreement goes. I trust it, and it trusts me.”

In the beginning, I set myself a goal to become an author that earns money.  This goal is still not achieved. I am still at the beginning of my journey and know that I cannot stop now, otherwise all that was done previously would be for nothing. I can’t let that happen. I can’t do things halfway and then ditch them.

Why am I writing all this? For myself. I was recently told that I am a good motivator. And so I thought that putting my thoughts on paper will make me understand my faults and motivate myself. Find a way to live with my “friends” and what to do next. Or perhaps, I am writing this for you, those reading this, to give me advice on what to do next. Advise me, or simply raise my mood. Thank you all in advance!

I value every one of your magical kicks that push me forward.