7 tips to help you conquer your bad luck.

In everyone’s life, there are ups and downs, achievements and failures, instances of fortune and misfortune. But what does one do when their life is stuck on negative? A constant depression, inability to work, as well as the feeling of time passing with no purpose seem to haunt your everyday life. What does one do to stop this?

To start off, it is essential to simply stop and think whether everything is truly as bad as it seems. If you are alive, relatively healthy, have food on your table and a roof above your head, can you honestly call yourself unlucky? More often than not, instances of bad luck are puny compared to the positive events that pass us by without us noticing. Читать далее


Russia is a huge country with its own traditions. This country has huge resources and opportunities for everyone who lives here. In Russia you will find so many interesting and unusual things. I want to tell you about 11 facts about Russia.


1. Russia impresses with its caliber and influence in the world. There are so many interesting and unusual things here. People of different nationalities are living all over Russia. They respect the culture and traditions of local residents.

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I am offering you 7 ways to increase the level of Russian language within one year.

Make a goal for your self and move towards it. Desire to learn Russian language — is the motor in learning. You need to be motivated.


Study every day for 2 hours, even if you are feeling very lazy. If you will make big intervals between your studies you have a big chance to forget what you studied before.

Alternate the studies on the following scheme:

1 day — new words and new grammar rules

2 day — use new words and new grammar rules in writing making sentences

Be active during the lesson. Talk more and try to use new words and new grammar rules.

Try to increase your vocabulary. In order not to forget new words divide them into themes and use them as much as you can.

Talk and write today. Don’t wait till your Russian language will be perfect.

Write small notes to your friends in Russian.

Oddities of the Russian language

What is the “strangeness of the Russian language”? Those who learn Russian language face a lot of strange and inexplicable rules. Here are some of them:


There are letters that look exactly like in the Latin alphabet, but they sound different.

The letters “Ъ” and “Ь” do not have their own sounds.

The verb “to be” has no present time, but there is a future and a past.

To turn a sentence into a question, you just need to change the intonation and put a question mark. For example: He is at work. He is at work?

Five letters in succession Г Д Е Ё Ж form a sentence “Where is the hedgehog?”.