7 tips to help you conquer your bad luck.

In everyone’s life, there are ups and downs, achievements and failures, instances of fortune and misfortune. But what does one do when their life is stuck on negative? A constant depression, inability to work, as well as the feeling of time passing with no purpose seem to haunt your everyday life. What does one do to stop this?

To start off, it is essential to simply stop and think whether everything is truly as bad as it seems. If you are alive, relatively healthy, have food on your table and a roof above your head, can you honestly call yourself unlucky? More often than not, instances of bad luck are puny compared to the positive events that pass us by without us noticing.

Secondly, stop comparing yourself to others. We often don’t feel self-actualized enough when we start comparing our life to that of others. This can lead to jealousy or an existential crisis. Accept the fact that life is unfair, often not giving us what we deserve.

Moreover, physical appearance doesn’t always guarantee happiness. We live in a time where many people put quite a bit of effort into creating an online presence, that is a perfected version of themselves and their life, on social media. Such behavior is most likely not a sign of happiness.

Thirdly, value your time and your life. Time will pass and you will regret spending it doing nothing, indulged in self-pity, instead of doing something productive. Even if your leisure time is indeed limited, do your best to get the most out of it. Keep yourself in check. It is not worth it to reject your healthy habits and plans just because you are not in the right mood.

Fourthly, value your health. This topic could’ve been made first in the list, but it is often hard to keep yourself in check and function rationally when you are on the dark lane and everything seems to just be getting worse as time progresses. A lot of things are easily fixed but health is not one of them. Stress negatively influences many aspects of our health and can potentially lead to many diseases.

Fifthly, teach yourself to forget. Is it truly worth it to go back and re-experience moments that you now have no way to fix? Mistakes should be analyzed to avoid repeating them in the future, and then be forgotten. Whether you got hurt or betrayed, you now know what the perpetrator is capable of. You will no longer trust them, or perhaps even no longer talk to them. You should not drown in negative emotions.

Sixthly, don’t lock yourself out. Share your concerns with those that you hold close, with those who will truly understand and make you feel better. Humans feel better after letting it all out.

Lastly, interpret instances of bad luck as chances to change something. In the end, we often do not even know whether the luck we had was good or bad. You did not get that job at that firm you really wanted to get? How do you know if, in a few months, that very same firm will not announce a shortage of personnel? When life closes one door, it often opens many others. One must simply never stop and keep moving forward.

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